2 Day Designs

Decorative Wine Stave Serving Tray

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2 Day Designs Decorative Wine Stave Serving Tray

The 2 Day Designs Decorative Wine Stave Serving Tray (892P, 892R, 892W, 892O, 892B, 892C, 892F) lets you serve snacks, breakfast, tea, and much more to friends and family. This stylish serving tray is made out of a reclaimed wine barrel to give it a rustic and sawn lumber appearance, and it comes in seven (7) different color options so that you can choose the perfect fit for your home.

The tray is adorned with brass handles that are as sturdy as they are stylish and will let you confidently move the tray from place to place, even with a heavy tea pot, bowl, or drink on top. To avoid making a simple box serving tray, 2 Day Designs elegantly curved the long sides of the tray to give it more surface area, and a unique shape. This tray is perfect for serving breakfast in bed, bringing tea to the table, or even as a simple decoration as the unique appearance and hand craftsmanship of the tray will be sure to brighten any room.

  • Brass Handles:

    Confidently move this tray from place to place with sturdy brass handles

  • Seven (7) Color Options:

    Choose the perfect color to match your homes existing color themes

  • Rustic Appearance:

    Each tray is made from a reclaimed wine barrel and carries over the characteristics of the barrel used in construction of the tray