2 Day Designs

Vineyard Cart Coffee Table


2 Day Designs Vineyard Cart Coffee Table

Enjoy the stylings of European vineyards in your very living room with the 2 Day Designs Vineyard Cart Coffee Table (844P, 844R, 844W, 844O, 844B, 844C, 844F). This coffee tables design is patterned after antique grape crates used in vineyards in Europe. Each table is crafted from reclaimed white oak wine barrels to give the table an authentic appearance, and it ensures that each table is unique and may come with numbers that were imprinted on the original barrel to ensure that you will truly have a one of a kind table. You also have seven (7) color choices to allow you to pick the perfect color to match your homes existing decor.

The original crates were open at the top for easy loading, but 2 Day Designs adjusted this design by re-splitting the top for added user convenience. Each side of the split top opens out to reveal interior storage space so that you can store all kinds of things inside and out of the way. Cutout handles on either side of the table allow you to easily and comfortably move the table from place to place, letting you find the perfect spot for this table. With each table made to order, hand sanded, and entirely one of a kind, this table will be a perfect way to finish off any living room.

  • White Oak Wood:

    Made out of white oak wood from reclaimed wine barrels, these tables are tough and rustic

  • Antique European Design:

    These tables are crafted to resemble antique grape crates used in European vinyards

  • Storage Space:

    The lid of the table opens up to offer ample storage space inside