Wagan 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer
Wagan 2336-5 $71.87
7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer

7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer

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The Wagan Cooler Can Be Used as a Fridge or a Warmer

The Wagan 7 liter (7.4 Quart) 12V cooler / warmer with AC adapter (model: 2336-5) is the perfect travel cooler for food and drinks on short road trips. This thermoelectric Wagan cooler holds 7.4 quarts. Easy to read lights indicate whether the Wagan cooler is chilling or warming your food. This Wagan cooler / warmer comes with a car adapter for immediate use and can be easily washed with simple soap and water. The Wagan 2336-5 also includes an AC adapter for home, office or dorm use.

  • Silent Operation:

    The Wagan 7 liter 12V cooler uses a thermoelectric system, not a compressor, to keep the unit cold, so it makes no noise

  • Environmentally Safe:

    This Wagan cooler uses no CFCs and does not emit any dangerous gases or fumes

  • Use in Car or Home:

    The Wagan cooler includes both a 12 volt adapter to plug into a car cigarette lighter and an AC adapter for electrical outlets


  • Model: 2336-5
    Warranty: 1 Year
  • Brand: Wagan Tech
    Wagan 7 Liter 12V Personal Cooler / Warmer with AC Adapter
  • Ideal for traveling
    Use in car, dorm, or office
  • Silent operation
    Cools up to 40°F below ambient temperature in less than 20 minutes
  • Environmentally safe - no CFCs or dangerous gases
    Dimensions: 13"h x 11"w x 12"d

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