48 Quart 1 Faucet Blue Jockey Box Coil Cooler - Blue  Model:CB481B


  • Height: 14.37"
  • Width: 26"
  • Depth: 13.75"
  • 48 Quart 1 Faucet Blue Jockey Box Coil Cooler - Blue
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    Color: Blue
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    Description & Highlights

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    48 Quart 1 Faucet Blue Jockey Box Coil Cooler - Blue

    Keep your beer cold and refreshing when you use the 48 Quart 1 Faucet Blue Jockey Box Coil Cooler (CB481B). This cooler is designed to keep your beer cold and fresh, and it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is add ice and cold water to the box, then connect your keg to the back and you'll have beer running through the cold coil lines in no time! Complete with a foam insulation in both the sides and top of this cooler, you can be sure that the ice and water will stay cold, helping to freeze the line which keeps the beer cold before it goes from the tap and into your cup.

    Built-in, heavy-duty side handles help to keep this box sturdy while being carried around, and the lightweight box is easy to take anywhere when you need it. The 100 foot coil ensures that the beer will be super-cold when traveling through the cold tubes, so you get the best possible beer. A snap-lock child safety latch keeps your young ones out of the box, while the recessed drain plug makes draining the box of ice water super easy, so you can easily refill it when you need to. Perfect for large parties or events where you need to serve a large amount of beer in a short time, this jockey box ensures that you beer stays cold for much longer.

    • Keg Capacity:

      Connects to one (1) keg for keeping the beer cold and includes a tap for easy serving and distributing

    • Cooler Size:

      The 48 quart cooler ensures that you have enough ice and water to keep the coil cold, which helps to keep the beer cold before serving

    • Drain Plug:

      A built-in drain plug helps empty the box of water, so you can easily refill it with ice water

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: CB481B
    • Thermal foam insulation
    • Great cold retention
    • 95 degree hold open lid
    • Heavy duty side handles
    • Tie down loop
    • Child safety latch
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • 48 Quart 1 Faucet Blue Jockey Box Coil Cooler
    • Connects to one (1) keg
    • 3/8" coil w/ 1/4" choke included
    • 100 foot coil w/ 20 foot choke
    • Capacity: 48 quarts
    • Keg tapping equipment sold separately
    • Recessed drain plug
    • Dimensions: 14.37" H x 26" W x 13.75" D

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