Amp Overload Protector

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Avanti Amperage Overload Protector for Microwave Refrigerator Combo

This Amperage Overload Protector (Model AC3INN) is designed for use with the Avanti Microwave Refrigerator Combination (Model MICREF) but can be used with other brands of mircowave refrigerator combination models. The Amperage overload protector plugs directly into the wall, and it has three sockets. The microwave plugs into one socket, the refrigerator plugs into the other, and the third socket can accept another plug. When the microwave is on, this protector automatically shuts off the refrigerator, which allows the Avanti Microwave Refrigerator Combination to be run on a 10 Amp circuit.

Note: Many dormitories require a total amp load of 10 or less. The optional AC3INN makes this possible.