3 Oven Total Control Electric Range

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AGA 3 Oven Total Control Electric Range - Duck Egg Blue

Enjoy the ultimate in luxury cooking with the AGA 3 Oven Total Control Electric Range (ATCEEV3OS40-DEB). Beyond simply iconic design, AGA is a leader in high-end kitchen appliances and treats food differently than regular appliances. Based on radiant heat, the ovens cook evenly from all sides in contrast to typical gas and electric units cook with convection heat, which create hot spots. The ingenious multi-functional design gives you a place to grill, roast, bake, fry, simmer, boil and toast all on the same unit. Between the three (3) cast-iron ovens and two (2) hotplates, you'll have a place to cook just about anything - the hotplates can accommodate multiple pots and pans and the venting system in the oven lets you cook different types of food in the same oven without the flavors merging.

The nerve center of the AGA Total Control is housed behind the top left door, a touch-screen control panel that can be used directly or programmed via the remote control handset. With the control panel, the oven and hotplates can be controlled individually or together - heat one of the hotplates or both, choose to heat just the baking oven or all three at once. Slow cook ovens ensure your food retains nutrients while locking in moisture and flavor so your food will taste delicious. The incredible heat retaining quality of cast iron is the nearest you can come to a baker's brick oven or wood-fired pizza oven in your home kitchen. All the features and capabilities of the AGA 3 Oven Total Control Electric Range will blow you away and have you cooking like a pro.

  • Two Hotplates:

    The boiling plate reaches a maximum temperature of 626°F while the simmering plate heats to 392°F, and both are able to accommodate multiple pots and pans

  • Three Ovens:

    With a slow cook, baking, and roasting oven that all use radiant heat, you can cook all kinds of meals to perfection

  • Touch-Screen Controls:

    Housed behind the top left door is the nerve center of this AGA range, which allows you to specify and customize your desired cooking mode

  • Remote Handset:

    Using the remote control handset you can program the ovens to come on automatically or use it to provide constant ambient warmth to your kitchen