Tar-Trap Filter for 6000DS Series

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AllerAir Tar-Trap Filter for 6000DS Series - Pack of 10

AllerAir's HEPA-carbon combination neutralizes airborne irritants with its dual action cleaning power, offering you the best air filtration available without generating additional pollutants like ozone. The Tar-Trap Filter (A6FMPS12-10) takes the filtration level a step furthur, allowing more smoke chemicals, gases and odors to be absorbed. Tobacco smoke and odors are most effectivelly trapped when your air purifiers work on low speed. The Tar-Trap Filter requires no tools and is easy to install, usually in less than a minute. It removes 99.97% of large airborne particles and allergens that can greatly hinder your breathing. These filters are available in packages of ten and have a lifespan of up to twelve months depending on your amount of usage.

  • AllerAir air purifiers use a five-stage filtration process:

    * A pre-filter to capture large particles
    * A medical-grade HEPA filter guaranteed to trap 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
    * An activated carbon filter with pounds of granular virgin carbon to filter out chemicals, gases and odors
    * Two anti-microbial filters

  • Compatibility:

    Use with AllerAir 6000DS Series
  • Model: A6FMPS12-10
    AllerAirTar-Trap Filter for 6000DS Series
  • Brand: AllerAir
    Easy to install - no tools required
  • Remove the effects of tobacco smoke on your environment
    Filter can last up to 12 months depending on use
  • Cleanable pre-filter:Traps large particles
    Compatible with 6000DS unit

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