Countertop 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave

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Amana Countertop 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave

Using the latest microwave technology, 1,200 watts of power and 10 different power levels, the Amana Countertop 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave (AMC2165AB, AMC2165AW) makes cooking and reheating meals effortless. The sensor cooking technology of this microwave monitors humidity and automatically accommodates cooking time so that food is adequately cooked or reheated but never overdone. Simply touch one of the pre-programmed options for popcorn, potato, beverage, pizza, fresh vegetable, and frozen dinner for convenient cooking, or use the program cooking capability to cook meals that meet your specific preferences.

The turntable automatically rotates your food in the microwave, ensuring an evenly heated meal or beverage. This product comes with a digital clock and timer and a cooking complete reminder so that food and beverages are never forgotten about, and touchpad sounds can be turned off for those pursuing a quieter microwave experience.

  • Sensor Cook:

    Sensor cooking technology ensures that meals are cooked or reheated adequately but never overdone

  • Pre-Programmed Options:

    Simply touch a button for perfectly heated popcorn, potatoes, beverages, pizzas, fresh vegetables, and frozen dinners

  • Cooking Power:

    This countertop microwave uses 1,200 watts of power and has 10 power levels