SIRIO Model S2162 Towel Warmer

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Amba SIRIO Model S2162 Towel Warmer - Rounded

Give your towels a warm, cozy feeling with the Amba SIRIO Model S2162 Towel Warmer (S2162B, S2162P). This attractive multi-function wall-mount warmer can be used as a small room radiator, a drying rack, or as a towel warmer. With its durable stainless steel construction (brushed or polished), the SIRIO's rounded, simple design is sure to look great vertically or horizontally in any setting -- put it in your master bathroom, pool house, locker room, or even your laundry room.

In addition, the S2162 model boasts an impressive built-in thermostat and has a temperature range of 131° F to 167° F for a toasty warm or steaming hot result. It also measures 21" wide and 62" inches tall and has 12 crossbars to provide you with ample warming and drying room without taking up too much space. Add the Amba SIRIO Model S2162 Towel Warmer to your home today for achieve the "fresh from the dryer" feel on a daily basis!

  • Impressive Heating Capabilities:

    This top-of-the-line towel warmer's temperature ranges from 131° F to 167° F

  • Sleek, Versatile Design:

    Because if its beautiful stainless steel constuction, this 21" wide x 62" tall rack can be installed vertically or horizontally and looks great anywhere

  • Dual Purpose:

    It works as both a towel warmer and a radiator/space heater for smaller rooms