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Bedroom Machine Air Purifier

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Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier - B402

Achieve a better night's sleep - free from allergies, asthma, odors, gasses or other airborne sensitivities - using the Austin Air Bedroom Machine Air Purifier (B402C3, B402D3, B402B3, B402A3) in your room. Recommended by the New York Times best-selling author and allergy expert Dr. Doris Rapp, you can be certain that this air purifier will deliver results.

  • Large Coverage Area:

    With an impressive 1,500 sq. ft. coverage area capability, you and your loved ones will be breathing fresher, cleaner air and sleeping soundly in no time at all

  • Five-Stage Filtration:

    This air purifier uses a 5-stage system that filters your air through an activated carbon-zeolite filter, gas-absorbing (HEGA) carbon cloth and a True Medical HEPA filter, which removes particles as small as 0.3 microns from your air

  • Designed for a Good Night's Sleep:

    The High Efficiency Gas Absorption (HEGA) carbon cloth used in this air purifier was developed by the British military to protect against chemical warfare and is used in conjunction with Austin Air's medical-grade HEPA filter to provide you with breathable, rejuvenating air

  • 360° Progressive Filtering System:

    Air is drawn into the unit from all sides, allowing for a quicker and more efficient purification process

  • Three Fan Speeds:

    Customize the power, noise and fan speed using the easy-to-use control dial, which allows you to choose from three (3) speed options

  • Increased Mobility:

    Four (4) included sturdy casters allow for the easy movement from one room to another, giving you the freedom to place the air purifier exactly where you need it most

  • Five Year Filter Life:

    You'll rarely have to worry about filter maintenance and replacement with this air purification system due to its incredible five (5) year filter life