90 Bottle Built In Wine Cooler

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Avanti 90 Bottle Built In Wine Cooler - WCR9000S

Age and cool your entire wine collection in the Avanti 90 Bottle Built In Wine Cooler (WCR9000S). This extra large capacity wine cooler allows you the opportunity of storing up to 90 wine bottle at one time, letting you put your entire collection in one stylish and functional cooler. A six (6) bottle roll out display shelf is built in to give your cooler a little pinache, and lets you show off your favorite bottles in style. The other shelves are vinyl coated "full view" roll out shelves with stylish stainless fronts.

A beautiful double-pane tempered glass door is built in to allow you to display your wines in style, and choose which bottle you want before opening the cooler. The temperature of the cooler is designed to operate between 45 - 65°F, letting you choose the optimal temperature for storing your wines. Controls for the cooler are adjusted through a door integrated soft touch control panel that couples with a display that lets read your current cooler temperature as you set it. Built into this control panel is an auto-lock feature that keeps your settings from accidentally being changed without your knowledge and a door ajar alarm lets you know when you leave the door open. This cooler also has a vacation, energy saving mode that lets you save on energy when you are away from your wine. Housed in a beautiful stainless steel frame, this wine cooler is perfect for the person looking to store a large wine collection in both style and convenience.

  • 90 Bottle Capacity:

    With a massive 90 bottle capacity, this wine cooler can store even the largest wine collection

  • Roll Out Shelves:

    "Full view" roll out shelves are built in so that you can easily slide your shelves out and choose the perfect bottle for any occasion

  • Integrated Soft Touch Controls:

    Electronic controls built into the door allow you to set your temperature and a display allow you to read exactly what temperature your cooler is at