Apartment Refrigerator

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Avanti Apartment Refrigerator Freezer - 8.1 Cu. Ft.

The Avanti Apartment Refrigerator offers some of the best features and most stylish colors available at a price that will leave you with some change in your pocket to fill it.

One of the most narrow and least deep apartment refrigerators available, this unit can fit almost anywhere, and it even boasts a frost free freezer!

If you are looking for the modern, stainless steel look, this refrigerator is almost a no-brainer. Its platinum-finish doors mimic the look of stainless steel and have a unique smudge-resistant finish, so you do not have to worry about polishing this refrigerator to keep it looking its best. Or- if you prefer the traditional look, this fridge is also available in white.

From small apartments, to offices and beyond, this is truly one of the best apartment size refrigerators available!