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VibeAway Anti Vibration Pads

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B Green Innovations VibeAway Anti Vibration Pads

The B Green Innovations VibeAway Anti Vibration Pads (VA1) are specially designed anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers as well as many other large appliances or tools such as freezers or table saws. These pads are made from 100% crumb rubber, recycled from tires, and effectively reduce the transfer of vibration that occurs in most typical washing and drying cycles.

This shock absorption pad reduces sound as well as the tendency for washer and dryers to move from their initial position (or "walk") during each cycle. These pads also reduce the need to reinforce upper level floors to reduce vibration and noise, making them very downstairs neighbor friendly. In addition, these pads help to reduce the natural wear and tear that occurs when these appliances experience prolonged vibration.

Made from 100% recycled tire rubber which helps to address important environmental concerns. Recessed for easy guidance for foot of washing machine/dryer. 30 day money back guarantee.