Bayou Classic

Canvas Cover for 4-gal. Fryer

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Bayou Classic Canvas Cover for 4-gal. Fryer

Keep your fryer looking precise and clean as the day you bought it with the Bayou Classic Canvas Cover for 4-gal. Fryer (5004). Made out of a durable canvas, this cover is weather resistant and heavy duty despite its light weight. A pull string is built on the bottom with a locking mechanism so that you can ensure that the cover will stay firmly on your fryer, even on the windiest of days.

This cover works well for keeping dirt and debris out of the inside of your fryer in between uses, letting you be confident that your fryer will be just as clean as you left it. The stylish Bayou Classic logo is stitched in to the black canvas with red lettering, matching your fryer and giving it a professional look. Save yourself the trouble of cleaning your fryer over and over with this stylish and durable option from Bayou Classic.

  • Durable Canvas:

    Made with durable black canvas this cover will last you a long time

  • Drawstring Locking Mechanism:

    Pull the drawstring tight and lock it tight to ensure that your cover stays firmly on the fryer

  • Protective:

    Keep dirt, debris, and other unwanted materials from entering or damaging your fryer