Bayou Classic

Stockpot w/ Steam Rack

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Bayou Classic Stockpot w/ Steam Rack - Aluminum

Cook like a pro with the Bayou Classic Stockpot w/ Steam Rack (6020, 6040POT, 6060POT). Made of a high grade aluminum, this stock pot is durable which is perfect for surviving the usual kitchen wear and tear and tough kitchen jobs that the pot will need to be used for. As it is durable and versatile, it can be used on any stove top - commercial, residential, and even outdoor gas burners.

The vented lid helps to keep the steam inside the pot to seal in the robust flavors of your food, and the steamer rack allows your food to be easily steamed inside the pot. The included steamer rack can be set inside the pot's indented rim 2 inches above the bottom, then you are able to set your food inside of it above boiling water, allowing your food to be steamed properly without you having to burn your hands trying to do it right. Perfect for any kitchen, this stockpot will ensure that your food will be cook, steamed, and boiled to perfection.

  • Durable:

    Made of a high grade aluminum, this stockpot is durable and stands up to tough kitchen jobs

  • Safety:

    With the included steaming rack, you won't need to worry about burning your hands trying to steam food

  • Use Anywhere:

    Able to be used on indoor or outdoor cook tops, this versatile stockpot can cook fresh game or seafood