Auto Care Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Bissell Auto Care Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Keep your vehicle's interior as clean as the day you bought it with the Bissell Auto Care Multi-Purpose Cleaner (14254). This multi faceted cleaner was designed specifically to be used on car interiors, but also works great on home carpets, stairs, and upholstery. The cleaner has a built in hot water heater that raises the temperature of the water by 25°F to enhance the cleaning process, and a strong internal spray nozzle reaches deep down into the interior to pull break up hard to reach dirt and stains. The cleaner also utilizes the suction from the vacuum to dry the upholstery as it cleans, cutting drying times down drastically.

The clean soapy water of the unit is stored in an easy to access solution tank on one side, and any dirty used water that is pulled from the car interior is stored in a separate used water container that allows you to keep your clean water useable and cuts down on refilling times. Both of these tanks remove for easy filling and emptying before and after use. The cleaner comes with a flexible five (5) ft. upholstery hose to allow you to reach all the nooks and corners of your interior, and two other attachments a 3" stain brush and a spraying crevice tool allow you to have the right tool for each specific job. This amazing cleaner is easy to use, store, heats its own water, helps dry when finished, and the handy attachments will make cleaning your vehicle easier than ever before.

  • Designed For Vehicles:

    Specifically designed to clean vehicle interiors, this unit is great for detailing your cars, R.V.'s and other vehicles

  • Built-In Hot Water Heater:

    The cleaner heats its own water for increased cleaning capability

  • Cleans & Drys:

    This unique cleaner sprays and suctions in one step for an instant dry clean