Easy Sweep Cordless Floor Sweeper

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Bissell Easy Sweep Cordless Floor Sweeper

Enjoy the convenience of a cordless battery powered sweeper in with the Bissell Easy Sweep Cordless Floor Sweeper (15D1). Great for use in between deep cleaning of your home floors, this electronic sweeper is a convenient way to pick up daily dirt and dry messes that occur in homes every day. Because the sweeper is battery powered it can easily pick up larger items that are often irritating to clean up with a traditional broom or mop, and with this unit you will never have to use a dust pan again as the sweeper pull the debris inside into a dirt container that can be easily emptied without even getting your hands dirty.

The rechargeable battery is good for up to 45 minutes, allowing you to finish sweeping large areas without having to recharge or replace the batteries. Another convenient feature of this sweeper is a built-in swivel handle that allows you to maneuver the sweeper into hard to reach nooks and crannies with ease. You can use this sweeper on carpets, tile, hardwood, rugs, and other surfaces for incredible versatility. The compact design of the sweeper makes it easy to store in corners, behind doors, and anywhere else that is convenient yet out of the way so that you can quickly grab it and clean up a mess and get back to enjoying your spill-free home.

  • No Touch Dirt Container:

    Easily empty the dirt container on this unit without getting your hands dirty

  • Perfect For Touch Up Cleaning:

    This sweeper is great for in between hefty deep cleaning jobs

  • Swivel Handle:

    Enjoy easy maneuverability with a convenient swivel handle