Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner

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Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner - Orange

Dirty hard floors don't stand a chance against the Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner (7340), equipped with Flip Side technology to conquer all messy hard flooring surfaces including tile, linoleum, vinyl, and even sealed hardwood. This unique vacuum cleaner employs a dual-purpose function to clean both wet and dry messes on hard floors. The wet vacuum side has a two (2) separate tanks for clean and dirty water, as well as a pleated filter to retain any larger debris. There's also a built-in heater to remove the toughest of messes, letting the cleaning power of heat loosen up dried-up and sticky messes. With the flip of a switch, the cleaning solution becomes an amazing 25°F warmer within a short 25-30 seconds.

The Gentle Clean brush is great for use on hard floors that have any grout or crevices where dirt can collect, while the Gently Clean pad is intended for use on smooth flooring surfaces like vinyl, laminate, or sealed hardwood. No need to worry about purchasing the cleaning brush or pads separately as they're included in the package, so you can get to cleaning quicker. Also included are a replacement pack of two (2) pads and one (1) pleated filter, as well as one (1) 32 oz. bottle of Hard Floor cleaning solution and one (1) 32 oz. bottle of Wood Floor solution. To make a quick job of both your wet and dry hard floor messes, choose the Bissell Flip It Select Hard Floor Cleaner.

  • Dual-Purpose:

    The Flip Side technology and design allow you to clean both dry or wet messes with the simple turn of the vacuum

  • Built-In Heater:

    The vacuum includes a heater so you can use heat to loosen up dirt and tough spots to clean more effectively

  • Ready to Clean:

    Comes with a 2-pack of cleaning pads, hard floor cleaning solution, and wood floor cleaning solution to get you cleaning right away