SpotBot Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner

No more standing over stains, agonizing and scrubbing, the Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner (33N8) does the hard work for you. Deep reach technology paired with the automatic smart system lets you set the SpotBot in place, choose the type of stain/cleaning mode and enjoy the freedom to walk away. While traditional cleaning solutions actually push stains deeper into the root of fibers as you scrub them away, the deep reach technology of the SpotBot sprays and uses powerful suction to clean to the deepest part of fabric fibers where the stains reside. For the times where extra attention is required or you want to enjoy the satisfaction of removing the stain yourself, the SpotBot comes with a hose and stain removal tool for manual cleaning.

When used in automatic mode the unique spiral brush system completes over 400 cleaning revolutions in one (1) surface cycle, just think of all the scrubbing that saves you. Pair with the variety of Bissell cleaning solutions to tackle whatever stain you may be up against. Manufactured with Microban technology, the antimicrobial product protection prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria, mildew and mold in the SpotBot unit. The unit is safe and efficient for use on carpet, rugs, upholstery and car interiors. Whether you're dealing with pet, food and beverage stains or any other kind let the SpotBot save you time and energy by doing the dirty work for you.

  • Automatic Smart System:

    Set the SpotBot in place, select the type of stain from the menu presets and you can walk away, SpotBot will take care of the rest

  • Deep Reach Technology:

    Deep reach delivers cleaning solution to the root of the fibers where the toughest part of stains reside

  • Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection:

    Using a broad range of antimicrobial technologies, Microban provides continuous antimicrobial protection