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Custom Cast Base

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Blue Star Group Custom Cast Base

Sleek and stylish, the Custom Cast Base (CCB240) has been designed with a view to achieve stability for the half-canopy umbrella. Its revolutionary trapezoid shape saves a lot of space, which is its most outstanding feature while the stand tube lies off the center, making the base fit perfectly against a vertical surface and eliminating the need for installing or attaching.

The Custom Cast Base has been constructed out of sturdy cast iron and boasts of a Champagne powder-coated finish that is extremely durable. Changes in weather cause the umbrella to move, and the base withstands this movement. Beneath the base are located levelers that can be adjusted, which compensates for uneven and rough surfaces. The stand tube can be easily removed, making storage convenient.

  • Trapezoid shape:

    The revolutionary trapezoid shape saves on space

  • Champagne powder-coated finish:

    Its wonderful Champagne powder-coated finish ensures maximum durability

  • Adjustable levelers:

    Adjustable levelers below the base make it rest comfortably on uneven surfaces