Cabinet Wine Cooler Unit - 4 Amp

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Breezaire Cabinet Wine Cooler Unit - 4 Amp

Keep your valued wine collection at the perfect temperature no matter what with the Breezaire Cabinet Wine Cooler Unit - 4 Amp (WKCE2200). The unit comes equipped with Breezaire’s Sentry III+ digital electronic control system, which includes an easy to read, green LED display so you always know what temperature your wine is being stored at. The Sentry III+ intelligent programming includes power outage protection as well as blocked airflow protection, which shuts down the unit and protects your wine in case of high temperatures due to condenser blockage. The WKCE2200 can efficiently cool cabinets sized up to 75 cubic feet.

The Breezaire Wine Cooler Unit - 4 Amp easily mounts in your wine cabinet and can vent through the rear or top. Prior to installation, make sure that your cabinet is properly insulated and that the area to which you vent is larger than the cabinet itself.

  • Wine Served Right:

    The Breezaire Cabinet Wine Cooler Unit - 4 Amp will ensure that you always serve your favorite wines at the right temperature while maintaining ideal humidity levels for aging

  • Quiet and Vibration-Free Operation:

    Breezaire cooling systems are designed to be nearly silent and unobtrusive, and without any subsequent vibration the unit will almost go undetected in your cabinet

  • Protect Your Investment:

    Wine can be expensive, and the WKCE2200 guards your investment by helping make sure bottles never turn and age in the best environment possible