Broil King

Half Size Pizza Plate

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Broil King Half Size Pizza Plate - Aluminized Steel

Now you can make your favorite oven-baked foods in a shorter amount of time. Get the Broil King Half Size Pizza Plate (CAP-H)! This heat plate expedites the baking process and evenly cooks your food from both the top and bottom. This is because it is manufactured from alloys which provide exponentially efficient heat storage.

The Broil King Half Size Pizza Plate also boasts an impressive temperature stability and retention. In addition, it also features a non-stick baking surface, making it easy for get your goods while they're hot without having to try to maneuver them off the piping heat plate.

  • Non-Stick Surface:

    Enjoy your items hot off the plate without having to figure out how to remove them

  • Impressive Heat Retention:

    The alloy-manufactured plate will nearly cut your baking time in half

  • Bakes Evenly:

    Even though cook time is reduced, your goods still get thoroughly baked