Bud Time Barbecue Gift Set

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Bud Time Barbecue Gift Set

Keep the party alive when you give the Bud Time Barbecue Gift Set (851411) to that special someone. This party bucket comes with a lot of things to make a party great, and the Budweiser motif of the gift basket will make you want to grab an ice cold Bud. Barbeque items such as Budweiser BBQ wing & BBQ sauce, BBQ Made Easy recipe books, and BBQ hand towel and hot pad sets help you keep the food tasting great and your family BBQs and get togethers alive and partying.

Other assorted snacks like cheese sticks, beer nuts, and olives help to keep your hungry guests at bay while you whip up great recipes with your new set. Included sauces and braising mustard let you cook the best meats to feed your hungry friends and family, making you the master of the grill. The 14" galvanized tub that holds all of your items together is also reusable to become a beer bucket whenever you need one, allowing you to keep ice cold Buds wherever you are. Perfect for the man or woman who loves to grill and loves their beer, this bucket will keep you and your family happy.

  • Great Food:

    With several snacks and BBQ sauces to choose from, this set can feed those hungry people in someone's life

  • Reusable Bucket:

    The included bucket is reusable, allowing you to use it as a beer bucket or anything else

  • Perfect for the Family:

    The entire family can enjoy this bucket and its various food items, making great family get togethers and BBQs possible