Legs Under Desk Leg Warmer

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Cozy Legs Under Desk Leg Warmer Heater - White

Keep your legs warm with the Cozy Legs Under Desk Leg Warmer (CL), the latest concept in personal heating. Used as an under desk heater, the Cozy electric heat panel will radiate heat through your entire body, keeping you warm and comfortable on even the coldest of days. The Cozy Legs Under Desk Leg Warmer does not waste energy blowing heat all around the place. Instead, it contains the heat in the area you need it the most, your feet.

This leg warmer makes highly efficient use of electricity by heating itself to 140 degrees. This warmth is then transferred directly to your feet and then travels upwards through your entire body, giving you the feeling you're next to a large space heater. Even though it provides incredible heat, it uses less energy than a single light bulb, which is great for saving money on your energy bills. The wall mounted, non-flammable surface means it takes up less room and is safer than most space heaters. Perfect for offices, homes, and anywhere in between, this compact leg warmer is the cold climate product that will serve you well for years to come.

  • Compact Design:

    The small, compact design of this heater enables you to wall mount it or stand it up under your desk or anywhere near your feet without being in the way

  • Less Energy:

    Using less energy than a light bulb, this unit can give you great warmth with less energy, ultimately saving you money

  • Superior Heating:

    This small leg warmer can heat itself up to 140 degrees, keeping you warm even on the coldest days