TH110 Electronic Programmable Wall Thermostat

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Cadet TH110 Electronic Programmable Wall Thermostat - White

The Cadet TH110 Electronic Programmable Wall Thermostat (08161) is designed to be used with Cadet's 208 or 240 Volt in-wall or baseboard electric heaters. The thermostat comes equipped with a programmable thermostat and 7-day programming, early start function, four (4) daily programs and pre-programmed or personalized schedules with a temperature range of 40° to 86°F. The slim LCD display shows time of day, actual room temperature, heater status and has push button override options. The double pole (4 wire) thermostat is for in-wall installation but can be used with either an in-wall or baseboard heater.

  • Programmable:

    With the slim LCD display you can control the 7-day programming, Early Start Function, 4 daily time periods or personalized schedule

  • Compatible:

    Designed for use with the Cadet 240 or 208 Volt In-Wall and Baseboards electric heaters, up to 3840 watts

  • Installation:

    This double pole (4 wires) thermostat is capable of switching loads of 16 amps at 240 VAC and is for in-wall installation only