Diva 265 Bottle Single Temp Glass Door Cabinet Wine Cooler

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Climadiff Diva Single Temp Glass Door Cabinet Wine Cooler - Black

Start off your wine collection the right way with the Climadiff Diva 265 Bottle Single Temp Glass Door Cabinet Wine Cooler (DV265AGN7U, DV265AGN7U-A, DV265AGN7U-B). Perfect for beginner collectors or dinner party host enthusiasts, keep your favorite bottles safely stored away at the perfect serving temperature and ready to use whenever you need them. Built with a compressor cooling system, the unit has a single adjustable temperature range of between 46-64 degrees F and allows for an ambient temperature range of 50 to 95 degrees F. The free standing cabinet's exterior is made of black metal with a granulated metal interior and has a tempered, seamless, full glass door that offers a very chic feel.

Touch screen controls display temperature and humidity, cooling indicator, low water supply alert and also operate the low emission LED light system. The activated charcoal filter absorbs impurities and helps eliminate odor, while the anti-vibration system and lock keep your bottles safe. The Diva base package includes four (4) adjustable shelves and one (1) BGN Premium wood self. Bottles can be stacked on sliding shelves, which the unit can hold up to 13 of and up to five (5) presentation shelves. Additional shelving packages can be purchased to meet your display and capacity needs. Keep your wine collection safely stored and at the perfect serving temperature, all the while being on display with the Climadiff Diva 265 Bottle Single Temp Glass Door Cabinet Wine Cooler.

  • Temperature Range:

    Single adjustable temperature unit has an interior range of 46-64 degrees F with an ambient temperature range of 50-95 degrees F

  • Glass Door:

    Full tempered, seamless and UV resistant door lets your collection stay safely stored for all the world to see

  • Electronic Regulation:

    The digital control touch screen features a temperature and humidity display, cooling indicator, low water supple alert and low emission LED lights

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  • Model: DV265AGN7U, DV265AGN7U-A, DV265AGN7U-B
    Climadiff Diva 265 Bottle Single Temp Glass Door Cabinet
  • Brand: Climadiff
    5 Shelf Capacity: 265 bottles
  • Single adjustable temperature range: 46-64 degrees F
    10 Shelf Capacity: 210 bottles
  • Seamless glass door, tempered and UV resistant
    13 Shelf Capacity: 197 bottles
  • Compressor based cooling system
    Noise level 40 dB
  • Metal exterior and granulated metal interior
    Low emission LED lights
  • Activated charcoal odor filter
    Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz
  • Anti-vibration system
    Power: 150 watts
  • Door lock
    Weight: 198 lb
  • Adjustable feet and castors
    Dimensions: 65" H x 27.5" W x 28" D
  • Warranty: 1 year