A Compact Refrigerator Solution for any Living Situation

There are many reasons that individuals or families may decide to purchase a new refrigerator. Some replace them when their older models break. Others replace them because they are interested in owning a different color or finish. College students often purchase smaller mini fridges that will fit very conveniently into a dorm room. No matter what the reason for the purchase, one thing is sure, refrigerators today are certainly a necessity.

Today there are refrigerators available in a wide variety of makes, models, shapes and sizes. One of the benefits of a newer refrigerator is that it will save electricity when compared to an older model. Each refrigerator, whether compact or full-size, should have an EnergyGuide label or available information that will help potential owners know how much energy each model would cost to run for a year. Some new refrigerator owners may save up to 50% of their current refrigerator energy use when replacing a model that is 10 years old. This is helpful when trying to make a selection between several types of refrigerators.

Types of Refrigerators

Refrigerators today are all about options. This is because manufacturers have realized that not everyone needs the same size, model, or specifications when purchasing a fridge. A French door and compact refrigerators are two of the most popular types of models today. Mini fridges are very convenient and practical. Their small size makes them ideal for places a normal sized refrigerator would not fit! They are great for offices, dorm rooms, basement rec rooms and small city apartments.

Some larger, full-sized refrigerators have up to a 33 ft. capacity. This means that more groceries can be stored inside without having to be crammed together. Large families often opt for these larger size refrigerators because they can hold more than smaller, compact refrigerators.

On the flip side, there are many smaller refrigerators available for consumers today than ever before. Fridges designed for apartments or studios may have only 9 to 10 cubic feet. This is the perfect size of refrigerator for just one or two people, especially if their living space is at a premium. This type of fridge still has many of the upgrades of the larger styles, such as milk trays in the door, a vegetable crisper and a meat drawer.

Even smaller than the apartment sized fridges are the compact, mini refrigerators. These have up to 5 cubic feet of space and are able to fit into tight spaces very easily. With good organization, this type of small fridge can still hold cold food items for up to two people. This type of refrigerator is great to use in personal office spaces, break rooms, and even in businesses so that customers are able to get a drink while they wait for service.

Compact refrigerators are a great back-up for primary refrigerators. When extra refrigerated space is needed for the holidays, visiting company or a party, these units really come in handy. If the main refrigerator needs to be defrosted, items that need refrigeration can be stored in the mini fridge. Compact fridge units are also very energy efficient. They can help decrease utility bills and are environmentally friendly.

Refrigerators today are not just limited to white and black. There are many different types of fridges for you to choose from, and there's no better place to start than right here.