Lucca Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Compamia Lucca Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs

Give your customers and guests the best seat in the house when you seat them in the Compamia Lucca Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs (ISP026-LBL, ISP026-ORA, ISP026-SIL, ISP026-WHI). These durable, resin-constructed chairs ensure that each chair can be used consistently and continuously without wearing or breaking down. Each chair is made of a recyclable material, allowing you to do your part in buying materials that don't use any of our precious natural resources.

The resin material these chairs are constructed out of are UV-resistant and weatherproof, meaning they will be just fine standing outside during the rain or shine. This makes these chairs great for outdoor patios restaurants, and even food trucks, ensuring seating for your clientele or house guests. As stackable units, these chairs can be easily stored in storage closets or anywhere else you need them to go. Ideal for any outdoor restaurant or backyard patio area, these chairs will be great for keeping you and your guests comfortable and relaxed.

  • Durable Material:

    A durable resin material ensures that these chairs will stay strong during multiple uses for a long time

  • Recyclable Construction:

    Made of recyclable polypropylene, this chair is made purely of recycled materials, giving you a peace of mind when deciding to buy

  • Great for Outdoors:

    The resin material is UV-resistant and weatherproof, so these chairs can stand strong outside during rain or shine


  • Model: ISP026-LBL, ISP026-ORA, ISP026-SIL, ISP026-WHI
    Compamia Lucca Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs
  • Brand: Compamia
    Easy to clean
  • Comes in a set of two (2)
    Maintenance free
  • Made of a durable resin material
    Stackable chairs
  • Recyclable construction design
    Weight: 9 lbs
  • Gas injection molded legs
    Seat height: 17.8" H
  • UV resistant
    Chair dimensions: 32" H x 17" W x 20" D
  • Warranty: 2 years residential; 1 year commercial