Miami Resin Wickerlook Club Chair (Set of 2)

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

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Compamia Miami Resin Wickerlook Club Chair (Set of 2)

The Compamia Miami Resin Wickerlook Club Chair (Set of 2) (ISP850-BR, ISP850-WH) is a large arm chair with extra space, perfect for lounging around when you want more room to move. As a commercial-grade, weatherproof chair it is made to withstand the elements so you can use it indoors in your favorite room or even leave it outside on your deck, patio, porch or poolside. The durable resin construction features an open weave design that provides the classic appearance of traditional wicker furniture without having to worry about commonly associated issues like tearing or unraveling. As a one piece model, there's absolutely no assembly required, nor are there any metal parts to become rusty and unsightly.

Made with hotels, restaurants, and other public places of business in mind, this chair can withstand heavy use so you can be assured that it will continue to look great over time. Weighing in at a sturdy 27 pounds, this club chair won't ever blow over in the wind to avoid any accidental damage. The UV-protective finish prevents fading due to exposure to sunlight. If you ever need to clean it up a bit to make it more presentable, simply hose it down and watch the dirt wash away from the smooth finish. Available in coffee brown or white, each set comes with two (2) Miami Resin Wickerlook Club Chairs that can be easily stacked on top of one another for simple, space-saving storage.

  • Wicker Appearance:

    The open weave design gives the classic look of traditional wicker without tearing or unraveling

  • One-Piece Construction:

    With zero moving parts or metal connectors, this chair doesn't have joints that could be vulnerable to breakage or rust

  • Commercial-Grade:

    Designed for use in hotels and restaurants, this chair will face high levels of use with ease