Miami Resin Wickerlook Side Table

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Compamia Miami Resin Wickerlook Side Table

The Compamia Miami Resin Wickerlook Side Table (ISP858-BR, ISP858-WH) is the perfect addition to your Compamia Miami Beach Collection furniture or virtually any living space where style and durability are key. The molded one-piece table comes fully assembled without any moving parts or metal to break or rust. The high-quality textured resin construction provides the classic look of traditional wicker furniture without being susceptible to tears or unraveling. The material is also UV treated to protect against potential sun damage or fading. Weighing in at six (6) pounds, it's light enough to move about with ease yet sturdy enough to stand the wind, helping avoid any accidental damage.

Made with hotels, restaurants, and other public places of business in mind, this table can withstand heavy use so you can be assured that it will continue to look great over time. As a perfectly-sized end table, it makes a great functional piece to add to your living spaces, allowing you to create extra space for lamps, flowers, photos or anything else. To clean, simply hose it down and watch the dirt wash away from the smooth finish. The Compamia Miami Resin Wickerlook Side Table is available in coffee brown or white to accentuate or blend in with your existing decor.

  • Wicker Appearance:

    The open weave design gives the classic look of traditional wicker without tearing or unraveling

  • One Piece Construction:

    With zero moving parts or metal connectors, this table doesn't have joints that could be vulnerable to breakage or rust

  • Commercial-Grade:

    Designed for use in hotels and restaurants, this table can face high levels of use with ease