Vita Resin Outdoor Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Compamia Vita Resin Outdoor Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs

Ensure your guests and patrons get the best seat in the house with the Compamia Vita Resin Outdoor Dining Chair Set with 2 Chairs (ISP049-APP, ISP049-BEI, ISP049-BLA, ISP049-ORA, ISP049-RED, ISP049-WHI). These ergonomic-style chairs make it easy to sit in for long periods of time, meaning you and your guests can enjoy long lunches and dinners without starting to hurt. Made of a durable resin material, these chairs are able to withstand the harshest outdoor weather, as well as frequent use by guests and patrons to your home or commercial establishment.

Anodized aluminum legs provide a layer of protection, making it easier to keep the chair strong and lasting longer than any other chair. The entire chair is easy to clean: all you have to do is wipe the chair down with a clean rag and all of the stains and messes will be gone in an instant. Along with a maintenance-free design, this chair ensures that you won't have to spend valuable time trying to fix and mess with your chairs, so you can spend time on more important things. Perfect for outdoor restaurants, food trucks, or even your backyard patio, these chairs will be up to the task of keeping you and your guests happy and safe.

  • Resin Material:

    Strong, durable resin material is UV-resistant and weatherproof, ensuring that the climate and weather will not mess with the chair's integrity

  • Durable Design:

    Sturdy resin seating material and anodized aluminum legs ensure that the chair can withstand repeated use for a long time

  • Easy to Maintain:

    Easy to clean and maintain, this chair will rarely need your attention to function, leaving you with the more important tasks