Toasty Toes Heated Footrest

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Cozy Toasty Toes Heated Footrest - Black

For warm feet and toes even in the chilliest rooms, buy the Cozy Toasty Toes Heated Footrest (TT). Portable and durable, Toasty Toes is easy to transport from the office to home and back again. This foot warmer is perfect for under desks in the workplace, next to the couch at home or even for use in the garage or as a bathroom heater. At 90 watts, it's so efficient that it uses less energy than a light bulb and one-tenth the energy of a space heater.

Toasty Toes warms the feet and legs comfortably with gentle radiant heat. Unlike space heaters, Toasty Toes never gets too hot to the touch making it much safer to use. The safety switch at the top prevents overheating, and the adjustable bottom provides the maximum comfort.

  • Safer Than a Space Heater:

    This foot warmer is never too hot to touch and poses no carbon monoxide risk, while its lack of exposed heating elements greatly reduces the risk of fire

  • Energy Efficient:

    The Toasty Toes uses less energy than a light bulb and allows for lower room temperatures

  • Portable Convenience:

    The footwarmer weighs only 5 pounds, so it's easy to transport between home and the office or workplace