Figurine Magnet Top Fan-Dolphins

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Decobreeze Figurine Magnet Top Fan-Dolphins

The Figurine Fan Magnet Top – Dolphins (DBF0051) displays a refreshing appeal to define your space. The soothing dolphin figures at the top of the fan, offering a pleasant appeal. The smooth blue color finish with a sturdy metal construction ensures that your decor has been eloquently highlighted.

An excellent addition to your indoor setting, the figurine fan can add style and comfort to your indoor settings. It features single speed with top quality 20 watt motor that keeps you cool all day. Best suited for indoor settings, the exquisite fan is covered in a robust metal construction that ensures a long lasting performance.

  • Long lasting and sturdy construction

    Made from solid metal finish, the fan includes robust construction ensuring a sturdy and long lasting performance

  • Blue finish

    The amazing fan is wrapped in a blue finish for complementing the dolphin structure which adds a unique charm to the entire construction

  • Elegant design

    The amazing fan portrays elegance due to its innovative design