24 Blade Meat Tenderizer

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Deni 24 Blade Rolling Meat Tenderizer - MTRK24

Improve the taste and texture of any cut of meat with the Deni 24 Blade Meat Tenderizer (MTRK24). This Deni roller meat tenderizer has razor sharp blades that break up connective tissue in meats, making the meat more tender. High quality stainless steel blades won't rip or tear your meat. Simply roll the tenderizer over the cut of meat, whether it's beef, chicken, pork, lamb, venison, or fish - it will marinate faster and cook in less time.

If you like to grill or barbecue, you'll love this meat tenderizer. It allows for less food shrinkage and the design makes it easy to tenderize around bones and hard to reach spots. It's even great on whole roasts, chickens, and turkeys. For convenience, you can put your Deni tenderizer in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning. A protective plastic cover is included for safety.

  • Stainless steel blades:

    Razor sharp stainless steel blades make quick work of any tenderizing job and won't rust for years of worry-free use

  • Improves any cut of meat:

    This tenderizer improves any cut of meat, from beef and venison to poultry and fish, by breaking up connective tissue, allowing quicker marinating and cooking, less food shrinkage, and ultimately giving better flavor and texture to your meat

  • Handy design:

    The new design for tenderizing around bones and those hard to reach areas makes your job that much easier