Williams Premium Oak Portable Heater

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Duraflame Williams Premium Oak Portable Heater - Premium Oak

Make it easy to keep you and your family warm this year when you use the Duraflame Williams Premium Oak Portable Heater (10HM4126-O107). This portable heater can warm rooms of up to 1,00 square feet, which makes it perfect for mid-size to large rooms in any home. The four (4) rolling casters also make it easy to move the heater from room to room, so you won't worry about having to lug a giant heating unit throughout the house to be comfortable. A built-in automatic thermostat makes it easy to adjust and maintain the temperature in the room, which is great if you want to keep everyone happy.

The auto timing function allows you to time the unit to power off whenever you want it to, which allows you to save money on your energy bills, and the safety thermal cut-off automatically powers down the unit if it starts to get overheated so you won't have to spend money on expensive repair bills or parts. This heater will also help keep the air free from bacteria, germs, and allergens with its air purifying function, so you won't have to worry about anyone's allergies acting up in the home. Easy-to-use push button controls allow you to simply operate the heater, and the remote control allows you to adjust the heating from across the room. Perfect for any household. this heater will be sure to keep everyone toasty and warm.

  • LED Display:

    An easy-to-read LED display allows you to see the display from a distance

  • Temperature Range:

    Able to emit heat between 55-97 degrees F, this heater can keep everyone comfortable

  • Remote Control:

    The infrared remote control enables you to adjust the heat and air direction from across the room