Humidistat for the DD200, DD300 and DD400

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Ebac Humidistat for the DD200, DD300 and DD400

Control the air humidity for your dehumidifier with the Ebac Humidistat for the DD200, DD300 and DD400 (3035157). This humidistat enables you to control the amount of humidity in the air so you can keep a comfortable environment inside any room throughout the day. Best used for businesses or environments where humidity needs to be rigidly controlled, this humidistat will ensure that the dehumidifier it is attached to won't take too much moisture from the air, as well as keep enough moisture in the air to be suitable.

Fibres with 0.003 mm in diameter allow you to measure the amount of humidity in the room by absorbing and desorbing humidity to form an accurate measurement. In order to work properly, the measuring unit must be protected against dust, dirt, and water, and the ventilation slots must be installed at right angles relative to the wind direction. A measuring range between 30-100% relative humidity means that you can measure and keep the humidity accurately between this range for proper air humidity. Ideal for commercial and residential settings, this humidistat will keep the air at a perfect range for a great storage environment.

  • Humidity Control:

    You can control the amount of humidity in the air when you attach this humidistat to your DD200, DD300 or DD400 dehumidifiers

  • Accurate Measurement:

    90 individual fibres absorb and desorb moisture to accurately measure the air's humidity for perfect humidity management

  • Commercial Application:

    Perfect for humidors, greenhouses, hospitals, and much more, this humidistat keeps the environment comfortable and ideal for commercial use


  • Model: 3035157
    Ebac Humidistat for the DD200, DD300 and DD400
  • Brand: Ebac
    Allowable air speed: 15m/sec
  • Two-position humidity controller
    Ambient temperature: 32-140 degrees F
  • Used to control and monitor room humidity
    Input voltage: 250 V
  • Individual fibres measure humidity
    Power: 2-5 A
  • Built-in ventilation slots
    Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Measuring range: 30-100% rh
    Dimensions: 2.17" H x 3.34" W x 1.42" D

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