Indoor Tankless Water Heater - Liquid Propane

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Discontinued Product

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Eccotemp Indoor Tankless Water Heater - Liquid Propane

The indoor equivalent to the 40H-LP, the Eccotemp Indoor Tankless Water Heater (40HI-LP) is designed to supply hot water to a standard three bedroom, two bathroom home. This unit is an ideal choice for retrofitting your old storage tank heater, or can be plumbed in a new location. In addition, the 40HI-LP is powered by liquid propane which is generally more efficient and carries a lower operating cost than similar electric units.

Rated at an already impressive 6.0 GPM, this unit is also split system adaptable which can further increase efficiency and hot water delivery speed. With built-in pressure relief, filter system and a 10 year warranty, this tankless hot water heater is the ideal choice for a standard sized home.

  • Power:

    Up to 137,500 BTU, 110V power supply

  • Vent and Inlet Measurements:

    3 inch vent
    3/4 inch water inlet with adapter, 1/2 inch without adapter
    3/4 inch gas inlet

  • Flow Rate:

    35 degree rise: 6.0 GPM
    45 degree rise: 4.57 GMP
    77 degree rise: 2.6 GMP