Outdoor Tankless Water Heater - Liquid Propane

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Eccotemp Outdoor Tankless Water Heater - Liquid Propane

The Eccotemp Outdoor Tankless Water Heater (40H-LP) is designed to supply hot water to a standard sized home without the complex installation and venting requirements needed with indoor models. In addition, the 40H-LP is powered by liquid propane, which is generally more efficient and requires a lower operating cost than similar electric units.

Rated at an already impressive 6.3 GPM, this unit is also split system adaptable which can further increase efficiency and hot water delivery speed. With built-in pressure relief, filter system and a 10 year warranty, this tankless hot water heater is the ideal choice for the standard three bedroom, two bathroom home.

  • Water Requirements:

    Clean, clear water between 32 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit
    Relief valve not to exceed 150 psi on hot water supply outlet
    Cold water supply shut-off valve

  • Gas Requirements:

    3/4 inch supply
    Torque no greater than 31.5 ft/lbs
    Inlet pressure 12.5 - 14"w.c


  • Model: 40H-LP
    Warranty: 10 years on heat exchanger and parts
  • Brand: Eccotemp
    Eccotemp Outdoor Tankless Water Heater
  • Split system adaptable
    Freeze protection: electric heaters dist. throughout water system in cabinet
  • Mounting environment: outside
    Up to 135K BTU
  • Controls: Outdoor: remote wired control
    Built-in pressure relief and filter system
  • Minimum flow rate: 0.66 GPM at 14 psi
    Electrical power: 110VAC, standard 3-pronged outlet
  • Powered by liquid propane
    Dimensions: 24" H x 17" W x 7.5" D