Portable Tankless Water Heater - High Capacity

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Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater - High Capacity

This Eccotemp tankless water heater (L10) can be used as portable unit but is ideally made for semi-permanent installation. It uses a common garden hose adapter and fits right into a standard 10 pound grill tank making it great for hunting camps, lodges, RVs, summer homes, lake cabins, barns, etc.

This 10 liter unit delivers up to 2.65 gallons per minute of hot water ranging from 80 - 165 degrees Fahrenheit, plenty for multiple hot water applications running at the same time. The 2 "D" cell battery ignition starts the flame only when water is running, so there's no chance of overheating and makes it perfect for off grid or areas where you have limited electricity. Designed for a more permanent installation, the L10 comes with standard 1/2" NPT fittings, making it easily plumbed in with standard fixtures.

  • Safety Features:

    With a 20 minute auto shut-off timer and requiring only 2 "D" batteries for ignition, this hot water heater is one of the safest units on the market

  • Water Information:

    Needs 30 - 80 PSI of water pressure
    Adjustable water temperature from 80 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Exceptional Performance:

    Produces 2.65 gallons of hot water per minute