EdgeStar Replacement Inner Fan for TWR160S and TWR282S Wine Coolers  Model:TWR160IF

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The TWR160IF EdgeStar replacement inner fan is compatible with the TWR160S and TWR282S Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

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EdgeStar Replacement Inner Fan for TWR160S and TWR282S Wine Cooler 2 5 2 2
Wine Cooler I purchased this product some months ago. After reading through the booklet that came with it, I found it said that there would be some sound from the motor. OK, most motors have a little sound. However, the sound got louder and louder to the point I had to turn the unit of and then back on. Unfortunately, the loud motor sound came back on. I called the company and was told it was probably one of the fans in the unit. In my case it was the inner fan. They sent me a replacement fan for the inner fan. It was not difficult to remove the back and then the outer fan and then the inner fan which is just plugged in. The difficulty is with the tiny screws that hold he fans in place. If you are not careful they can drop inside the unit and it is difficult to retrieve them. You guessed it, I dropped two of them but did retrieve them. The unit has been humming along quite well since. And it keeps the wine chilled at 60%. A good unit for the price. December 21, 2013
VERY UNHAPPY! I bought this wine cooler last year. Six months later, the fans were making so much noise I had to turn the cooler off. Company replaced the entire cooler. Another six months later, the fans on the new cooler started making noise too. Company did not extend the warranty with the new cooler, so I had to replace the fans myself. In addition, the cooler is advertised as holding 28 bottles of wine....NOT! In order for it to hold 28 bottles of wine, you have to force them in between the shelves...scrapping off the labels because it's so tight. By the way, I clean the fans and casing once a month, so this problem(s) was not due to neglect. Very unhappy with Koldtronics wine cooler. Will not buy this brand ever again. November 19, 2013
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