Edgestar Portable 86 Qt. Freezer Transit Bag

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Edgestar Portable 86 Qt. Freezer Transit Bag

Keep your Edgestar portable freezer protected with the Edgestar Portable 86 Qt. Freezer Transit Bag (FP861CASE). Compatible with the FP861 Edgestar Portable Freezer, this protective nylon case helps to keep the freezer cool while the soft cushion of nylon keeps the freezer protected from outside forces to prevent dents and scratches. The durable zipper allows the unit to be safe inside the case without opening unexpectedly.

Specially designed holes in the case for the freezer handles allow you to carry the freezer anywhere while still keeping it safe and the air vent holes let the unit run while in the case, as to prevent overheating and expensive maintenance. A plastic display window on the side allows you to view the temperature and controls of the unit, while the built-in side pocket can carry any accessories, including cords and manuals.

  • Ventilation:

    Mesh ventilated holes allow the unit to expel heat outside of the case so the unit doesn't overheat

  • Storage Pocket:

    Can carry accessories and cords along with the unit

  • Protection:

    Keeps the unit from getting scratched or dented during travel

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