IceKool 90 Qt. Portable Cooler

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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EvaKool IceKool 90 Qt. Portable Cooler - Blue

The EvaKool IceKool 90 Qt. Portable Cooler (IK085-BLUE) will match and surpass all of your cooler needs. Everything about EvaKool's line of IceKool coolers means quality. Since 1994, EvaKool has been making coolers in Australia to complement the Australian outdoors lifestyle. Due to this extensive knowledge of keeping things cold, EvaKool is able to deliver coolers that are the longest-lasting, highest-performing, and best value anywhere on the market. Due to the confidence they have in the reliability of their coolers, EvaKool is able to offer an industry-leading five (5) year warranty on their IceKool coolers. This line of coolers comes in 12 sizes and two (2) colors.

The tough polyethylene cabinet protects your cooler from all kinds of damage while the superior quality insulation gives IceKools the capability to keep ice for up to 10 days, meaning you'll only need to fill it up with ice once for the whole week. For cleaning convenience, each IceKool cooler comes with a plug drain. The material on your cooler will not rust or corrode, ensuring that it looks brand new even after years of hard use. For portability, the coolers are designed to be incredibly light-weight, so you'll be able to take it everywhere and the thick lid is built to be sat on if you're in need of a chair. For whatever cooler needs you may have, an IceKool cooler will meet them for a long time.

  • Super Insulation:

    Keeps ice for up to 10 days meaning you will only have to fill it with ice once for your week or weekend adventure

  • Tough Cabinet:

    The polyethylene cabinet makes this cooler capable of making it through all conditions

  • Capacity:

    90 quarts of storage capability

Note: Time of ice storage is dependent on size of icebox, quantity and quality of ice and ambient temperature