160 Gallon ThermoQuick Composter

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Exaco 160 Gallon ThermoQuick Composter

These Exaco 160 Gallon ThermoQuick Composters (WB160) are the latest in easy to use compost bins. Tucked away in a corner of the garden with its discreet shape and color, the composter performs its useful task of composting vegetables, fruit and garden waste. This unit provides maximum absorption of the sun's heat, thanks to the dark color and multiple well placed air slots, and guarantees optimal composting conditions. It features a large, 110 gallon capacity.

Unit is made from 100% recycled frost resistant copolymer Polypropylene. Easy to assemble. Includes 4 corner clips to prevent side walls from coming apart and 2 clips to prevent the lid from being separated in a strong wind. Complete composting instructions also included.


  • Model: WB160
    Exaco 110 Gallon ThermoQuick Composter
  • Brand: Exaco
    Compost kitchen and garden waste with little effort
  • Full composting instructions included
    Removable access panel can be hung on the side
  • Easy assembly with clear manual instructions supplied
    The unique hinge holds the lid open
  • Corner clips keep side panels ''locked'' together
    Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Copolymer-based polypropylene plastic construction
    Dimensions: 32.7" W x 32.7" D x 40.5" H
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