Dri-Eaz SurveyMaster
Dri-Eaz F281 $649.00


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Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Dri-Eaz Survey Master

The Dri-Eaz SurveyMaster offers two ways to monitor the moisture content of materials: penetrating pins and non-invasive radio frequencies. Use it to distinguish sub-surface from surface dampness, essential information when diagnosing the extent and cause of a moisture problem.

Search mode detects moisture without making holes in materials, and independently of surface moisture. Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to search for moisture behind finished materials like ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.

Measure mode penetrates materials with pin electrodes to take precise readings of moisture content in wood or Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) in other materials.


  • Model: F281
    Calibration check device
  • Brand: Dri-Eaz
    Max needle depth: 0.4 inches
  • Heavy-duty pin extension lead
    Display: LED and LCD
  • 5" deep wall probes
    Battery: 9V
  • Wood calibration chart
    6.8" Length x 1.2" Width x 1.9" Depth