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For a limited time only, receive a free $60 Wine Voucher, redeemable at, with any purchase of $99 or more. is a company that seeks to change the way wine is bought and distributed. Customers fund independent winemakers and in exchange, get exclusive wines at wholesale prices. Independent wine makers no longer have to spend time, energy and money on sales and marketing and can focus their attention on their winemaking.

How does it work?

By putting at least $40 a month into your online account. This money is yours to spend at any time and on any wines you want. It is not a fee or a subscription—it is your money. While the money is sitting in your account, uses it to fund the winemakers. Easy as that! So with this $60 voucher, you will be able to choose $60 worth of free wine and have it delivered straight to your door whenever you choose.

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