6 qt. Electric Multi-Cooker

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Fagor 6 qt. Electric Multi-Cooker - Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and Rice Cooker

From Fagor, this three-in-one Electric Multi-Cooker (670040230) serves as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker and a rice cooker, all in one compact appliance. Each of the three cooking applications have their own preset programs within the control panel, allowing you to simply push a button and let the cooker do the rest. The removable nonstick cooking pot has a generous 6 qt. capacity, great for cooking family-sized or buffet-style meals.

In addition to pressure cooking, slow cooking and rice cooking, the control panel also features "brown" and "warm" functions that come in handy before and after the actual cooking process. Use the brown function to pre-cook meats before adding them to stew or queso. Use the warming feature to slowly reheat a meal or to keep food warm before serving. Additional features include a delay timer up to 8 hours, self-locking lid, auto pressure release and anti-overheating protection.

  • Pressure Cooking Program:

    In general, pressure cooking drastically reduces the cook time for any meal. Choose between high (9 psi) and low (5 psi) pressure to prepare a variety of healthy meals in minutes

  • Self-Locking Safety Lid:

    During pressure cooking, the lid remains tightly sealed and will not open if pressure is detected inside the cooker

  • Automatic Pressure Release:

    This setting automatically releases pressure once food is finished cooking, allowing for safer operation while pressure cooking