Induction Cooktop

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Fagor Countertop Induction Cooktop

Bring quicker, safer and more efficient cooking to your counter top with this Fagor Induction Cooktop (670040890). In general, induction cooking utilizes about 90% of the total energy produced, compared to 50% used by conventional methods. Induction units also recognize the base of the cookware and directly heat only the diameter of the pot. This significantly decreases the overall cook time and the amount of energy wasted each time you prepare a meal.

Besides the energy saving advantages, this induction cooktop is also much safer and easier to operate than traditional gas burners. Using entirely flameless technology, the glass surface beneath the pan quickly heats up while the surrounding area stays cool to the touch. If the unit is turned on but no cookware is detected, it will not generate heat and automatically shut itself off to prevent overheating and burning accidents.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel:

    The control panel features a digital display screen, built-in countdown timer (up to 150 minutes) and soft touch control buttons that include 10 variable power settings

  • Stay-Cool Glass Surface:

    Made of high quality crystal glass, the smooth cooking surface remains cool in areas where no pan is detected, eliminating burning accidents and preventing spills from baking onto the surface

  • Cookware Detection:

    This advanced cooktop detects the size and shape of the cookware being used, only heating the area directly in contact with the pan. If no cookware is detected or the pan is removed, the unit will recognize this and shut itself off within seconds