Michelle B Cast Iron Lite 5qt Soup Pot

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Fagor Michelle B Cast Iron Lite 5qt Soup Pot

Cook your favorite meals in style and convenience with the Fagor Michelle B Cast Iron Lite 5qt Soup Pot (670041260, 670041270, 670041280). Michelle Bernstein is one of the most prominent chef's in Miami and has made a huge impact on the national culunary level. Her collection with Fagor represents many of the essentials that she looks for in home cookware, and this soup pot is a great example of the simple features that can change the way you look at cooking. This soup pot is made out of a durable cast iron that is easy to heat up, and can handle heat up to 500°F making it safe to use in conventional ovens for convenience and versatility.

The surface of the pot has a non-stick coating that makes it incredibly easy to remove your food from the pot, and keeps cleanup times down to a minimum. Outside of the cast iron frame is a smooth enamel surface that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also is compatible with all forms of cooktops including induction. The pot is great for cooking, but it also looks great with a tabletop setup, making it easy to cook and serve with the same pot. Sturdy stainless steel handles are built into the outside with color matched silicone coatings that adds for easy and comfortable gripping as you move the pot from the stove to the table. Perfect for making soup and slow cook stews, this pot will be a great addition to any home cookware set.

  • Oven Safe:

    Place this pot directly into the oven as it is safe for temperatures up to 500°F

  • Non Stick Surface:

    A non stick coating makes cleaning this pot easier than ever

  • Smooth Enamel Surface:

    With a smooth enamel surface, this pot is compatible with all kinds of cooktops including induction