Fagor Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher with 6 Wash Cycles - For CX-1 Storage Center  Model:LFA65ITX


  • Height: 32.25"
  • Width: 23.5"
  • Depth: 22"
  • Fagor Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher with 6 Wash Cycles - For CX-1 Storage Center
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    Description & Highlights

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    Fagor Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher with 6 Wash Cycles - For CX-1 Storage Center

    This highly advanced, highly efficient dishwasher from Fagor (LFA65ITX) evaluates the needs for each individual load of dishes and adapts its washing methods accordingly. Using AIS (Advanced Intelligence System) technology, it determines how much water, energy and time will be needed based on the number of dishes and size of the load. During the wash cycle, the unit's ECO-Sensor monitors the level of dirt in the water, only filling the tub with fresh water when necessary.

    This model is meant to be integrated into the Fagor CX-1 Storage Center. It comes standard with dual zone washing capabilities, allowing you to use the upper rack, the lower rack, or both at the same time depending on the kind and amount of dishes in the load. Inside, the LFA65ITX is equipped with flexi-tines that lock into 4 different positions and a height adjustable upper rack, both of which help to accommodate dishes varying in size and shape. The digital control panel features 6 preset washing cycles, and a programmable time delay option of either 3, 6, or 9 hours.

    This appliance has earned an Energy Star rating, which means it meets strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy.

    • Quiet Operation:

      Due to a completely seamless inner tub, insulated interior and an alternating washing model, Fagor dishwashers have a low operational noise level, about 47 dB

    • Aqua Stop Safety:

      Part of the Advanced Intelligence System, this unit is equipped with internal and external sensors that will cut the water supply if a leak is detected, preventing excessive water bills and flooding accidents

    • ECO-Sensor:

      By regulating the amount of fresh water used in each cycle, the ECO-Sensor feature effectively reduces water consumption by up to 25% and shortens the overall cycle time

    • 6 Washing Cycles:

      The preset wash cycles include pre-wash, normal, intense, super-intensive, economy and quick

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: LFA65ITX
    • Brand: Fagor
    • To be integrated into CX-1 storage cabinet
    • Advanced Intelligence System
    • Adapts cycle according to size of load
    • Eco-Sensor reduces water consumption
    • Dual zone cycle option (use top rack, bottom rack, or both)
    • Aqua stop safety feature
    • Warranty: 1 year limited
    • Fagor Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher< for CX-1/li>
    • Energy Star qualified appliance
    • Height adjustable top rack
    • Flexi-tines lock into 4 different positions
    • Digital control panel, time delay function
    • 6 preset wash cycles
    • Quiet operation (47 dB)
    • Dimensions: 32.25" H x 23.5" W x 22" D

    Owners Manuals:

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