Kuhl Carbon Filter Kit

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Friedrich Kuhl Carbon Filter Kit - 3-Pack

Friedrich has engineered a carbon filter kit especially for their line of Kuhl window air units. The Friedrich Kuhl Carbon Filter Kit has a dual-stage carbon filtration system that removes allergens and other impurities from the air. This filter is intended to work in tandem with the standard antimicrobial filter for superior filtration. It is recommended that you replace the carbon filter every three months.

Below is a list of chassis sizes and their corresponding units so that you can be sure of what size filter kit to order.

  • Q Chassis:

    SQ05N10B, SQ06N10B, SQ08N10B, SQ10N10, EQ08N11B

  • Small Chassis:

    SS08N10B, SS12N10B, SM15N10B, SS12N30B, SS16N30, ES12N33B, ES16N33

  • Medium Chassis:

    SM15N10B, SM18N30, SM24N30A, EM18N34, EM24N34A

  • Large Chassis: